Employees' Time Zones

The time zones of employees are of utmost importance to businesses operating globally with teams spanning various time zones. Whether you offer online services, leading to situations where employees and customers find themselves in entirely different time zones, or if your staff frequently travels, resulting in shifts between time zones, this feature holds great significance.

For those subscribed to our Starter or Scaling plans, the option to provide employees access to their personalized dashboard empowers them to set vital details including their time zone, working hours, special days, and time-off preferences. If you opt not to extend dashboard access to employees, there's no need to worry - administrative and super admin users can effectively manage and configure these settings independently.

Setting the time zone as Employee

To establish a schedule as an employee, simply log into the dashboard, access the Account Settings located in the upper right corner of the screen, and within the Personal Info page, select your preferred Time Zone. Once completed, proceed to the Working Hours page (also accessible within the Account Settings) and define your desired working hours. The availability of employees will be displayed based on their chosen time zone, designated working hours, specified days off, and marked special days. Scheduled appointments will consistently appear on the employee's dashboard according to the time zone previously selected in their Account Settings. Customers retain the flexibility to select their preferred time zone during the booking process. Simultaneously, administrators have the capability to set a default time zone for the admin dashboard, enabling alignment of appointments and availability across three distinct time zones, tailored to each user category (customer, employee, and admin).

Setting the time zones as Admin

For administrators configuring schedules, access the employee profile, navigate to Employee Info, select the appropriate Time Zone, and then proceed to define Working Hours.

On the Working Hours page, the selected time zone will always be visible above the schedule to prevent confusion.

This time zone display applies when the employee has designated a time zone in their account; if no selection has been made, the Default Time Zone specified in the General Settings will be used.

Please note: Modifying an employee's time zone after they have already designated one will impact their availability.

Upon meticulous establishment of all time zones and schedules, it's important to note that notifications also account for these settings. Consequently, customers receive notifications that reflect dates and times in their respective time zones, along with timely reminders. Similarly, employees receive notifications tailored to their individual time zones, facilitating seamless operations across the globe.