Acumbamail Integration with Trafft Booking System

Automatically send customer data from your Trafft booking system to your Acumbamail lists.

Upon a customer scheduling an appointment through Traftt, their contact information is promptly transmitted to the designated Acumbamail email list. This applies to reservations generated via your Trafft booking forms on the frontend. Seamlessly utilize the Acumbamail integration with Trafft to dispatch emails, newsletters, and promotions to your customers.

Acumbamail integration for Trafft is a custom feature and it counts to the number of your Custom Features & Integrations.

How to connect Acumbamail and Trafft

Go to General Settings under Features & Integrations navigate to the Integrations tab. You will see Acumbamail Integration that you need to Activate in order to use it. 

1. Click on the Activate Button like on the image below.

2. After activating, Configure Button will become enabled, click on it.

3. You will see the short instruction on how to connect your Acumbamail account. Add your Auth Token found in your Acumbamail account.

  1. Now click on the 'Connect Account' button.

Now your Acumbamail account is linked to your Trafft account. You will see that the dropdown with lists will be now shown like in the image below. Make sure you created the list you want to use in Acumbamail and choose the desired list from the dropdown.

Click the 'Save' button and you are good to go.

Now, whilst booking on your booking website, the customer will have a checkbox option "Subscribe me to future email", and once he checks this option and books the appointment, his contact details will automatically be added to the list you have chosen on your Acumbamail account.