Apple Calendar Synchronization

You can sync your working hours with Apple Calendar to avoid scheduling conflicts between your personal and business calendars. Your Apple Calendar will be updated with all of your Trafft appointments, and Trafft will be unable to accept reservations for any of the busy times on your Apple calendar.

Please note: It is not yet possible to achieve full 2-way synchronization, so if you reschedule or delete an event in your Apple calendar it will not be updated in Trafft.

Apple Calendar integration for Trafft is a custom feature and it counts to the number of your Custom Features & Integrations. 

Configure the App-Specific Password in your Apple account

Before enabling Apple Calendar in Trafft, your Apple account needs to have the 2FA (2-Factor Authentication) configured, and an App-Specific Password created.

First, log in to and access Sign-In and Security. In there, click on "App-Specific Passwords":

You'll see a popup where you'll need to click on "Generate an app-specific password":

The name of the password can be whatever you want it to be, so on the next screen, define the name (for example "Trafft") and click on "Create":

You'll be prompted to enter your AppleID password to confirm your identity. Once you do that, you will see a password in this format:


Copy this password (with hyphens (-) included) and save it somewhere safe. After this, you'll be able to link your Apple Calendar with Trafft.

Activate and set up the Apple Calendar Synchronization

Access General Settings, and under Features & Integrations navigate to the Integrations tab. You will see Apple Calendar which you need to activate. 

1. Click on the "Activate" button. 

2. After activating, the "Configure" button will become enabled, click on it.

3. Once you access the configuration screen for Apple Calendar, you will simply enter your email address and the App-Specific Password you previously created.

Click on "Connect Account", and that's it - you will sync Trafft with your Apple Calendar.

Settings for your Apple Calendar Integration in Trafft

Once you connect your account, below the instructions, you'll see 4 options:

  1. Insert Pending Appointments - Enabling this option will create Apple Calendar Events for all appointments with the Pending status (the appointments with the Approved status are automatically added, there's no way to change this).
  2. Add Event's Attendees - This option is most commonly used for group bookings and it allows you to see all attendees (customers) inside the Apple Calendar Event.
  3. Remove Apple Calendar Busy Slots - This option allows you to block the time slots that are marked as busy in your Apple Calendar so Trafft will not be offering those time slots for booking. 
  4. Include Buffer time in Apple Calendar Events - You can choose whether your employees will see only the service duration or they will also see the buffer time before and/or after the appointment so they can know that they should not add another Event in that period.

Click on the toggle next to the option you want to enable.

Event Title and Event Description

You have the ability to change the Event title and Description that are displayed in your Events within the Apple Calendar using these two options. Both fields can be simply set using provided placeholders. Place the cursor inside the field (Title or Description) and then choose from the dropdowns below the field information that you want to see in your Event in the Calendar. By default, only the {{service_name}} placeholder is added to the Title, and the Event Description is blank.

Connect the employee with desired Apple Calendar

At the bottom of the Apple Calendar settings, you will see the list of your current Employees. You can select one of your calendars connected to the main account (which you have connected with Apple) for each of them, or you can select the same calendar for each employee (can come in handy when they share working space and you want to prevent double bookings). 

Please Note: At this time, it's not possible for employees to log into their own Apple Calendars, so they can only be linked to the account you've linked Trafft with. We'll work on enabling the Apple Calendar log-in for each employee individually in the future.