How to Set up SMS Notifications and reminders? πŸ””

Besides the email notifications, there are also SMS notifications that give you the possibility to send SMS messages to your customers and employees to inform them about their appointments. Besides the notifications settings themself, you can also overview your SMS history through Trafft and manage the notifications through SMS settings. Similar to the Email Notifications, the SMS Notifications can be found under the Settings page, as an individual section.

  1. SMS History
  2. SMS Notifications
  3. SMS Settings

SMS History

The SMS History tab gives you an overview of all the messages you have sent via Trafft, you can see the Date when each message had been sent, the user's name and phone, to whom the notification was sent, the credit it took to send the message and in how many segments the message was sent, which depends on the number and type of characters the message used. Additionally, you can also see the message itself by clicking on the dropdown arrow. As always you can filter and search through history, as well as see how many SMS credits you have left. Finally, you can also add to your SMS credit, by clicking on the "Add Credit' button, which will take you to a new page, where you can choose how many SMS Credits you want and buy them. 

Please note: SMS Credit is NOT equal to the number of SMS messages you can send to your customers/employees, but in fact the cost of the message being sent, which is mostly less than 1 SMS Credit per Message 
Example: The price of one message for the USA is 0.01125 credits

Add reschedule link in notifications

You can allow your customers to reschedule the appointment directly from one of the notifications that they receive, by adding the "Reschedule Link" placeholder, which you can find in the Appointment dropdown in both SMS and Email Notifications. This placeholder will be replaced by a link in your notifications, which will redirect your customers to choose the new date and time for their appointment, after which the appointment will be rescheduled. 

Add cancel link in notifications

If you want to allow your customers to cancel the appointment directly from one of the SMS notifications that they receive, you can add the "Cancel Link" placeholder, which you can find in the Appointment dropdown. This placeholder will be replaced by a link in your notifications so that your customers can click on it and their appointment would be canceled. You can also set the redirect pages, where you want the customer to be redirected to after clicking on the cancel link, on the Customize page if you enable the "Use custom appointment cancellation URL" option and enter the URL link for a page they will be redirected to if their cancellation is successful and the URL link for a page they will be redirected to if their cancellation is not successful. Don't worry if you do not wish to set these pages, and you leave the option disabled, your customers will be guided to special pages on your booking website that confirm either a successful or unsuccessful cancelation.

SMS Notifications

The SMS Notifications tab is almost exactly the same as the Email Notifications tab, and here you adjust all the different types of messages, both To Customers and To Employees. You can also insert different placeholders depending on what you want your message to say and decide when you want your scheduled notifications to be sent. They can be sent right after some action, in the scheduled time before or after the appointment, or at the scheduled specified time of the day. The only addition to SMS Notifications is the option to "Send Test SMS", which only requires you to enter a number to which you want your test notification to be sent. 

SMS Settings

Here, like under all previous sections, you can also see your SMS Credit, and add New Credit if you need it. There is also an option to adjust your "Alphanumeric Sender ID", depending on your destination (β€˜To’) phone number, and thus is not available everywhere. This way you set your company name, your name, or any other name you wish to be shown as a sender to your recipients, and in case this can't be set for the destinations you need, an automatic id will be added to your messages.