Custom Fields for Booking Forms in Trafft Booking System

Custom fields can come in handy for all info that you need from the customer prior to the appointment, some call them extra form fields.

With custom fields or extra form fields, if you wish, you can create questions or inputs that will be added to the last step of the booking form.
You can choose between several types of inputs: text, text area, text content, select box, check box, radio button, and date picket.

Custom fields for Trafft is a custom feature and it counts to the number of your  Custom Features & Integrations

How to enable custom fields

As for all custom features, you would need to open General Settings under Features & Integrations navigate to the Features tab. You will see the Custom fields feature that you need to Activate in order to use it

1. Click on the Activate Button like on the image below.

2. After activating, Configure Button will become enabled, click on it.

3. You will be prompted to  Customize. After the Custom fields feature is activated for the first time, you can always access your custom fields under Customize ->Custom fields. See the image below.

Now you are ready to create your custom features. The first one is already added as an example, but you can delete it or change it. By Clicking on the 'Add Custom Field' button on the right, the drop-down with the types of custom fields will be listed, and you can choose one of them.

When you added the desired type of custom field, you can define Label (1), Placeholder (2), for which services it will appear (3). Also, you can choose whether the custom field will be required or optional, by moving the toggle (4). Additionally, you can choose how much space does the field should take in the booking form (5), or if you want to display it in a new row. (6)

URLs added in the Radio Button, Checkbox and Text Content custom fields will be displayed as links on your booking form, so you can also guide your customers to other pages through these links

Address custom field

When booking an appointment, you can set your customers to enter their addresses as well. This option is directly linked to Google Maps. Once the customer starts entering the address in the custom field on the booking website, the dropdown will show addresses found on the map so the customer can select one. 

On the Calendar and Appointments Page where you can see the information about the certain appointment, it will also display the address in the form of a link. So, once the link is clicked it will open the Google map in a New Tab.

Think carefully about what you want from your customers and start building your custom fields.