Zapier Integration for Trafft Booking System

Trafft's direct integration with Zapier can help you connect your favorite apps with Trafft.
Creating your Zaps is easy in a few steps that we will be explaining here. Information that you can send from Trafft to the other app via Zapier are:
Appointment Status, Appointment Start Date, Appointment Start Time, Appointment Start Date and Time, Appointment End Date, Appointment End Time, Appointment End Date and Time, Appointment Price, Customer Full Name, Customer First Name, Customer Last Name, Customer Email, Customer Phone, Employee Full Name, Employee First Name, Employee Last Name, Employee Email, Employee Phone, Service Category, Service Name, Service Duration, Service Price, Extras info, Location Name, Location Address, Location Phone.   
Zapier integration for Trafft is a custom feature  and it counts to the number of your  Custom Features & Integrations. 

Setting up the Zapier integration 

Open the main Settings (1), choose Features & Integrations (2) switch to the Integrations tab (3).

1. When you are there, you will see Zapier among the integrations, by default it is not activated. Click on the "Activate" button. 

2. The "Configure" button will become available, please click on it. 

3. The new page with short instructions on how to activate the integration will appear. On the right-hand side, you will see the "Go to Zapier" button. Click on that button and you will be prompt to login into your Zapier account. 

Add Trafft to your connected apps in Zapier.

1. In your Zapier account, select 'My Apps' (1) and search for 'Trafft'. The Trafft Booking System should appear in the results field. Click on it to proceed. 

2. When you click you will see the 'Add Connection' button on the right-hand side. Click on it and Zapier will open the Trafft page to enter your details. 

3. Enter the email, password, and business name for your Trafft account and click 'Yes, Continue'. 

4. Now you will be able to create Zaps for Traftt, and Trafft will appear under My Connections.

How to create your Zap with Zapier and Trafft

1. Click the ‘Create Zap’ button in the up left corner to start the integration.

2. Define a Trigger

2. Select Traftt as a trigger app.

3. Now specify what the actual trigger is. You can choose between Booking Completed, Booking Canceled, Booking Status Changed, Booking Rescheduled and Customer Created. Click on one of those two and then click 'Continue'. If you choose Booking Completed, the trigger will fire every time a new booking is made. If you choose Booking Canceled, the trigger will fire every time the booking is canceled.

4. From the dropdown you will need to choose your Trafft account and click Continue. 

5. Click on the Test Trigger and Zapier should return the data confirming that the Trigger works. 

3. Define an Action

1. Select the app that will execute the resulting action or that will receive info from Traftt. In our case, we will use Google Sheets.

2. Similar to before, choose the specific action. In our case, the action is that a new row in a spreadsheet will be added. Every time a new booking happens in Trraft, the data will be sent to Google Sheet and a new row with data about that booking will be filled in. 

3. When you click 'Continue 'you will need to choose the Google account and then again click 'Continue' to proceed. 

4. Zapier will prompt you to define correlating data fields between your trigger app and your action app. Use the form fields provided to match up data such as First Name, Phone, Email, etc.

8. After testing connectivity within the app, your Zap will be ready for use. Click the 'Turn on Zap' button to complete activation.

That would be all you need to do.