Service Extras

Extras are here to give you the option to create additional services or products that will go with your service so your customers can choose whether they want to add something extra to the appointment.

How to create Extras

Extras are created for each service separately so you will find the options on the Services page. Open the Services page, then click to add service or edit the existing one and you will see the Extras tab inside of it.

Open the tab and click on the  "+ Add Extra" button and a popup will appear with the following options:

  1. Photo - here you can upload a photo of your extra. At the moment this photo will be shown only on the extras page inside the service and when booking from the admin panel, but we plan to add it to the customer's booking form in the future as well. It is advisable to upload 400x400px jpg/png files with a size of less than 500kb.
  2. Name - here you need to give your extra name. This field is mandatory and without it, extra will not be created. 
  3. Duration - here you can set the duration for the extra if it is an extra service that will exceed the time required for the service. Offered time slots will depend on the Default Time Slot Step chosen in the General Settings so if you don't see the time frame that you need, go back to the General Settings and change Default Time Slot Step. 
  4. Price - here you can define a price for that extra service or product. By default, it is set to 0 and you can leave it like that if you don't want to charge your customers for that extra. The currency position and number of decimals and separators are shown like it is defined in the Payment Settings, so if you want to change them, open Settings > Payment Settings and make changes, then come back here and the price will be shown in the format that you've set.
  5. Maximum Quantity - in this option you can define the maximum quantity of extra that can be booked by one customer during the booking. By default, it is set to 1 but you can increase it if you want.
  6. Description -  here you can define a description for your extra. At the moment description will not be shown during the booking or sent in notifications but we will add this option very soon.
    Once you've done with entering all extras details click  "Save" and extra will be shown on the page.

On the Services page, you will be able to see on each service on the list whether you have added extras or not. From the customers' side, they will be able to see Extras on the Service Details page and they will also see extras on the booking form during the booking process when they choose a service that has extras created.