Managing Group Bookings

Group bookings are a part of almost every business and are needed for managing classes, seminars, lots of sports activities, and many more. In order to accept group bookings, you will need our Group Booking custom feature.

Setting up your Group Booking custom feature

To set up and receive group bookings first you need to enable this feature on our Features and Integrations page. Go to the Settings page, open Features, and Integrations and you will see the "Group Booking" feature. 

If you are on a "Free Trial" then this feature will be automatically activated and you will be able to see this on the Features and Integrations page by the "Active" status.

Once you've checked this step, go to the Services page, open the existing service or create a new one following the explanation provided here, and in the "Service Info" you will see options "Min Capacity" and "Max Capacity". Set the "Max Capacity" to be larger than 1 and your service will become a group one. 

If you have multiple employees that provide the same service and you want to set different capacities for each employee, don't worry since we have the option for this as well. Go to the Employees page, open the Employee and choose "Assigned Services". For each enabled/assigned service you will be able to set a specific minimum and maximum capacity for the employee and the capacity set on the Service side will still be applied for the rest of the employees that you didn't edit. If later you wish to change the minimum and/or maximum capacity for the service and you've set some unique capacities for the employees, on the "Save Service" action you will be asked if you want this change to be applied for the employees with unique capacities also or just for the ones that had the same capacity like service did.

Booking the group appointments

If you've set group capacities for your services and employees, during the booking process your customers will see the option to choose whether they are coming by themself or are booking for more people.  If they select more people, at the moment, they will not have the option to provide additional information for those people, they will just enter for themselves, but they will see the number of people added in the Appointment Details and in the Detailed Pricing

From the admin side, the admin will also be able to see the number of additional people that are coming in each appointment.