Creating and managing coupons and discounts

Every business runs discounts or promotions from time to time. It is a great way to engage existing customers and attract new ones. Trafft supports coupons that you can easily share with your clients or potential clients, and the coupon codes you create you will be able to add on the Appointments page yourself, or you can send it to your customers, so they can add it while booking an appointment with you.

Creating coupons

To create your first coupon, go to the Finance page, Coupons section. Then, click on "Add Coupon," and it will open the form where you need to enter:

  • The coupon code - this is the code that you will share with your customers (for example, BIRTHDAY2021)
  • Expiration date - the date when the coupon expires

The remaining options are not mandatory so you can set up:

  • Usage Limit - the number of times a coupon can be used (for example, if you set it to be 5, customers can only use the coupon up to 5 times). By enabling the "Coupon has no usage limit," you're removing this limit, so the coupon can be used an unlimited number of times until it expires.
  • Limit Per User - the number of times a single customer can use the same coupon (if you set it to be 1, the customer will only use the same coupon once). By enabling the "Coupon has no limit per user," you're removing this limit, so one customer can use the same coupon as many times as (s)he wants.
  • Services - here, you can define whether the coupon you're creating will be applied to all services you have or only the service you choose.
  • Discount type - this drop-down lets you choose how the coupon will be applied; as a fixed amount (for example, $10 will be deducted from the price of the service) or as a percentage (if you set 10% and apply the coupon to all services, all services' prices will be deducted by 10%).
  • Send coupons to customers - this option is enabled by default, but if you don't enable "Manually select customers" or "Filter customers," the coupon will not be sent to anyone. This option can be disabled if, for example, you want to send the coupon to your customers in a private message or give it in person.
  • Manually select customers - This allows you to choose exactly which customers you want to send the coupon to. Once you select the customers and save the coupon, it will be sent to those customers via email.
  • Filter customers - There are a lot of sub-options here, so you can choose to send the coupon to customers that:
    • Had appointments between two set dates
    • Used a specific service (or services)
    • Booked an appointment with a specific employee
    • Booked number of appointments Greater than or Lower than a fixed number
    • Booked appointments in total value Greater than or Less than a fixed amount
  • Disable coupon sharing - If you disable sharing, customers who received a coupon will not be able to use it with a different email. Likewise, the option will not work if you don't send coupons to customers.

Coupon History

In the Coupon History section, you can overview, which coupon was used for which appointment. You can see which customer used it and what services were booked for that appointment, as well as which employee was providing the service. Lastly, in the last two columns on this list, you can also see, what was the total for the appointment, and the amount of the discount generated by the coupon usage. You can also search through the list of the used coupon and filter it by Service, Customer, and Employee.