How to enable custom features in Trafft ➕

In Trafft Booking System it is possible to tailor-make it for your needs, by enabling just those features needed for your business, this will let you save money and make your application easier to use without options you don't need might be confusing for you and your staff. 

In this article, we will show you how to access the Features & Integrations page and how to enable or disable features and integrations. 

When you log in to your Trafft Dashboard click on the Settings page (1) and tab Features & Integrations (2). You can switch between the Features and Integrations tabs, and see all available features and integrations. Based on the Plan you have purchased you will have an available number of features and integrations you can have active at the time. 

If the feature is inactive, it will have an Inactive tag and in order to use it, you will need to activate it by clicking on Activate blue button. An example of an inactive custom feature is in the image below. 

If the custom feature is activated, this means that you can use this feature in your application. If you want to disable some feature so you can enable the other one or if you simply don't need it anymore, just click on the grey Deactivate button. An example of an activated customer feature is in the image below. 

Make sure you have enabled all the features you need so you can take advantage of them.