Days Off in Employee's Schedule 🏝️ 🕧

Adding Day Off for Your Employee 

After you have created your employees and services and made a relation between them, you might need to add days off for your employees. This is easy in the Trafft Booking system. You are already familiar with the options you have for each employee such are employee info, assigned services, and working hours that we've explained in detail in the How to Create, Track and Manage Employees? article. Next to it, there is the Days Off tab that you will need in order to create the day off for your employee. 

1. Choose the Days Off tab.

2. Click on the Add Day Off Button, and the pop-up will show up as on the image below. 

In the pop-up you need to fill in the information such as the name and date that is required to create the day off, you can choose whether you want to repeat the day off every year or not, by switching the toggle button and choosing the number of years you want to repeat it in the feature. Click on the Add Day Off and it will be added for your employee, do not forget to click the Save Employee button when you are finished