Locations in Trafft 🗺️

Locations are here in case you have a business that spreads across various locations. The option to have multiple locations is a custom feature in our application and will be activated by default in your trial period. If you provide business in one location or your business is provided online - don't worry! You can use Trafft without any location in that case or enter only the company location on the Company Settings. You can have Zoom as the location for example if you provide your services via Zoom. In case you need multiple locations, in this article, we will explain to you how you can create and manage multiple locations in Trafft booking software.

Multiple Locations in Trafft is a custom feature  and it counts to the number of your  Custom Features & Integrations. 

First what you need to do is to check whether the  "Multiple Locations" feature is activated on our Features and Integrations page. To check this, open the Settings, and in the Settings menu on the left side you will see Features and Integrations.

In the picture above we have deactivated the Multiple Locations feature so you can see how different states can look like. Click on the "Activate" button and then go to the Locations page to start with creating your locations.

Creating Locations

To create your first location click on the "+ Add Location" button and the new page will appear. The location popup is divided into three tabs.

Location Info - here you can enter basic information about the location such as:

  1. Name - which is mandatory and cannot be skipped (if you have multiple locations but also provide Online services, you can set "Online" as a location name)
  2. Address - this field is not mandatory because there will be a business that has combined offline and online locations so we wanted to give the option to skip entering a physical address. When you enter the location it will be searched on Google Map so you can set up the exact pin. Later, this map will be shown as a part of your Booking website, and if you create several locations all of them will be shown on a separate page so your customers can see them.
  3. "Not the right address?" - this option is here in case Google Maps cannot find your address entered above, so once you check it, two new options will appear to enter Latitude and Longitude
  4. Pin - here you can select one of the four pins that will be shown on the map to customize the view on the Booking website later (maps will be implemented in the later version of Trafft booking software).
  5. Phone - your locations could have a different phone number, so we wanted to add this option as well since all location information will be shown on your Booking website very soon.
  6. Description - here you can write a description to give some additional information to your customers. This description will be shown on the booking form once the customer selects the location.
  7. Location Photo - here you can upload the main location photo that will be shown on the Locations page in the admin dashboard, as well on the Booking form to distinguish the location nicely. To upload a photo click anywhere in the circle and choose a photo from your files and click upload, or drag and drop the photo in the area. Options for cropping will appear, zoom in/zoom out photo, resize the circle for cropping, and once you finish click the "Crop" option and the picture will be added.

Office Hours - here you can set working hours for that particular location. At the moment these hours are not used for booking and Trafft is checking employees' working hours first, and General working hours. Office hours will be displayed on the Locations page on the Booking website very soon and later in more places in the booking app. You can read in detail how to set working hours on the Office Hours page.

Gallery - here you can add a location gallery that will be shown to the customers during their booking once they select the location. Click on the field for uploading photos and upload a photo from your files. You can upload as many photos as you need here. 

Once you finish entering all location details don't forget to click " Save Location" and the location will be shown on the page. 

Please note: In order for the locations to appear during the booking you need to connect them with employees in the Employee's Info and Working hours tabs. Choose the default location for each employee and also choose locations in each working period to create unique schedules (your employees can work on different locations, we thought about that too 😉) .

Working with a Locations list

All Locations that you create will be shown on the Locations page in the form of a list. You will be able to see basic information such as location name, address, and phone but once you click on the specific location the sidebar with more information will open. On the sidebar, you will be able to see the location office hours address shown on a map, and a gallery if you created it. If you want to edit it, just click on the three dots.

Besides these, if you have a long list of locations you can search them by entering location names. Each of the locations will have ... option right on the page so you can Edit or Delete any location. If you try to Delete a location that has appointments in the future or past connected to it, you will be informed about this, if you choose to delete it anyway all future and past appointments will be deleted as well, so be careful.