How to Create, Track and Manage Employees? πŸ‘©β€βš–οΈπŸ‘©β€πŸ­πŸ‘¨β€πŸ«

Employees are the ones who provide services in your company. You can have one to as many employees as you need, and you can easily set their unique schedules and track their business for the next seven days. 

If you are the only one providing service - don't worry, your admin details are already used during the onboarding process to create the first employee. The only thing necessary to pay attention to is whether you have connected that employee to at least one service, but to all services you want your customer to be able to book. 

If you didn't do that during the onboarding, continue reading to find out how it can be done.

Creating your employees                   Employee Info

Assigned services                             Working hours

Employee list

Creating your employees

To create an employee click on the icon in the sidebar and open the Employees page. Then click on the "+ Add Employee" button page with details that will open. You will see five tabs with options to set.

Employee Info

In the Employee Info you set basic employee details:

  1. Employee photo - here you can upload an employee's photo which will help you to differentiate employees on the calendar, employees, and appointments pages but will also give your customers the opportunity to see them during their booking. Once you upload a photo you will get options to crop it so you can set it to fit the circle in the best way possible. After you set the image, click Crop, and the popup for cropping will close and the picture will be shown in the Info tab.
  2. First Name - here you need to enter the employee's first name. By default, this field is mandatory and cannot be skipped at the moment.
  3. Last Name - here you need to enter the employee's last name. Like the first name this field is also mandatory and cannot be skipped at the moment.
  4. Email - here you need to add the employee's email address. This field is mandatory as well, so if you don't fill it with the correct email address you will not be able to create your employee. Please note: there cannot be two employees with the same email address so if you enter the same address you will get a red message below the field to notify you that you need to change the address.
  5. Employee phone - here you need to add the employee's phone. By default, the flag is set on the General Settings under the Default phone country code option but if your employee is in some other country you can change it here for that employee particularly. 
  6. Location - this field will only be shown if you create at least one location on the Locations page. Although an employee can work in different locations (and this can be set in the Assigned Services tab which we will explain later) it is necessary to select one Default Location just in case you don't select any location during the employee's working hours. In that case, when you don't select any of the multiple locations during working hours, by default that one selected location will be used.
  7. Description - here you can write a short biography or description of your employee. At the moment that description can be shown in email notifications if you add a proper placeholder but later it will also be possible to show this description during the booking process and in that way help your customers to decide which employee to choose for service.

Assigned Services

In the Assigned Services tab, you can see all created Categories with Services and choose which services the employee will provide by enabling/disabling each of them. Besides this, once you enable/assign the service you will be able to set a different price for the service for that specific employee and also set different minimum and maximum capacities for the employee from the one set on the service side. 

This will give you an option to differentiate employees by services that they provide, the prices that they offer, and the capacities that they have. If you later decide to change the default service price and capacity - this can be done too! If you have any employee with unique pricing or capacity you will be asked whether you want to change it for the service and new employees, or for all employees. The process is very easy if you have a large list of employees with unique values, and you want to change it with one click but we also made sure that you have the option to keep unique values. 

On the Booking Website, employees with lower or higher pricing will be marked with +price or -a price so your customers will know this when choosing the service and employee. 

Working Hours

In the Working Hours tab, you can set a unique schedule for each of your employees. 

By default, the working hours set during the onboarding process or after in the Office Hours settings will be shown here with all assigned services and the default selected location. For each period you can select different services and one or many locations. You can also create multiple periods for each day and divide them by some time difference and create a break in that way. 

Please Note: If you have set the working hours but your dates and time slots are still unavailable please check two things:
1. Service and Location assigned to the working hours - open the employees working hours and check whether service/s and location/s are assigned to the working periods. You can check this on the Employees page as well, since the employees without assigned services will have the red note.
2. Service duration fits in the working periods - Service duration + Buffer time before and after needs to be shorter than the created working period, if this is not the case the service will not "fit" to the working period and all days will be shown as unavailable for booking.

Please note: You can also add breaks in your employee's schedule by configuring Days Off or add custom schedule for certain days or time periods by configuring Special Days

Working with employee list and tracking their business

On the Employees page, you can see a list of all your employees with their basic information such as their photos, names, emails, and phones. Besides this, if you have a large number of employees on several pages here, you can search them by name or click on the Filters option and search by Services that they provide or Locations on which they work. 

On the checkbox next to the employee's names you can select several employees and use the bulk " Delete" option at the top of the page but you can also delete each employee separately by selecting just him or choosing ... on the right side of the employee bar and then choosing the "Delete" option. 

Please note: If the employee has some appointment in the future you will be notified about that and asked whether you want to make this action. If you click yes, both employee and his future appointments will be deleted. 

On ... you can also choose "Edit" employee and change employee's info, assigned services, or working hours.

As for tracking employees' performance, this can be done by simply clicking on one employee from the list. Once you click on the employee, the sidebar with additional info will open and show:

  • Employee's picture, 
  • First and last name,
  • Working hours,
  • Employee's business for the next 7 days including:
    • Number of appointments,
    • Cashed (earned money, counting only paid appointments)
    • Percentage of load (counting number of booked hours compared to the total number of available hours set in working hours)
    • Hours in appointment (number of booked hours)
  • ... option from where you can Edit or Delete currently selected employee.

All the above can be seen in numbers in the first box and in the visual chart below. On the chart, you will see arrows so you can switch between the number of appointments, percentage of load, and hours in appointments.