Admin's Calendar 📅

On the Calendar page, you can track scheduled appointments for each employee in a form of a weekly calendar view. By default, the first employee will be selected and only his/her appointments will be shown. 

Unavailable dates and dates and time slots when the employee isn't working will be shown differently from the available dates and time slots which you can see from the picture below.

Once the appointment is booked it will be added on the calendar and if the service has buffer time before and/or after you will be able to see that with a certain service color and label that marks it as a buffer time. This is really important for you to see so you can know how long an employee is really unavailable because sometimes an appointment can last 1 hour but with buffer, time employee can be unavailable longer (before or after the appointment). If you try to add some other appointment at that time and don't succeed you would ask yourself what is wrong. In this way, you can always know the entire unavailable time when the appointment is scheduled.

The time slots that will be shown on the calendar will depend on the Default Time Slot Step selected in the General Settings, by default it will be set to 30 minutes. 

An appointment card on the calendar will show the customer's full name, service name, and start and end time of the appointment that will include all additional extras with the duration selected for that particular appointment. When you click on the appointment in the calendar the same sidebar as on the appointments page will appear showing more details about that certain appointment. The sidebar will have: 

  • Appointment current Status
  • Service name
  • Appointment start time
  • Picture and the full name of the employee assigned to the service
  • Customer full name and email 
  • Price of the appointment with the option to View Detailed Pricing. This option will open an entirely new sidebar with detailed pricing of that appointment for each customer added in the appointment (if it a group one).

Besides appointment's information on the calendar, you can change the week for which you want to see appointments, select the current date by clicking Today and in that way always return to the current week, and you can also click on the burger icon to open more filters and select any date in the calendar, filter by services and/or filter by locations.