Scheduling Appointments with Trafft Booking System πŸ—“οΈ

Appointments are the core of the Trafft application and scheduling them is what will make your life easier. There will not be phone calls anymore, at least not in the amount in which you have them now, and you will be able to track and manage the entire list very easily.

Creating an appointment

Appointment List

Share Appointment

Creating your first appointment

Here we will cover creating appointments from the admin dashboard and later on, we will talk about customer bookings. 

To create your first appointment click on the "+Add Appointment" button and a page for adding an appointment will be shown. Select a service or choose one from the list of the most popular services (services that are mostly booked are shown here), then select an employee from the list that will be filtered as soon as you choose a service, select a date from one of the available ones and one of the available time slots that day. Once you do that the location field will become available (if you have locations created) so you can select the desired location. The last thing to add is the customer(s). 

Under the customer's field, you will have a message informing you how many customers you can select. This message will be shown after you select service and employee since each employee can have a different capacity set from the service capacity. Select one or multiple customers and you will see options below each customer to select appointment status for them and to add extras (if the service has extras). If you don't have any customers yet, click on the "+ New Customer" button and a popup with all the same info explained on the Customers page will be shown. 

During the appointment creation, you will notice that the sidebar on the right side is filling out appointment details. If an employee has a higher or lower price than the price of the service you will see this in the details so you are aware of this. Any time you can click on the "View Detailed Pricing" option to see the detailed pricing for each added customer.

Once you finish selecting everything, click on the "Create Appointment" button and your first appointment will appear on the page. 

Working with Appointments List

On the appointments list, the current week is selected by default which means that you will be able to see all scheduled appointments for the current week. You will be able to see the appointment's start time, Service name, Customer full name, appointment duration (that will sum service duration plus added extra with duration if exists), Status (that can be changed here), and Employee that will provide that service. 

Besides this, you will see several other options that will help you to manage appointments easily, and they are:

  • Search - here you can search for appointments by entering a service name, customer's name, or employee's name
  • Date Picker - here you can select any date range and search for appointments in the past or future. By default the current week will be selected.
  • Filter - once you click on this option several filters will show so you will be able to filter appointments by services, customers, status, employee, and location. 
  • Bulk Delete - by selecting any of the services in the checkbox a Delete option will appear above the list. Click on it if you want to delete the appointment. You will be asked to confirm this action and if you do, the appointment will be deleted. 
  • ... option - this option consists of the Edit appointment option and Delete option.
  • Export - this option gives you the possibility to export appointments shown on the list. Once you click on it, you will see a popup where you can choose Coma or Semicolon delimiter since the list will be exported to a CSV file and you will be able to choose which columns will be exported. Please note: appointments will be exported only for the selected date range. If you need appointments for a different period, then first change the date range before you start with exporting action.
  • Appointment details - like on all the other pages in the Trafft booking system, you can also see the appointment details by clicking on the specific appointment. Once you click on the appointment the sidebar will open and you will be able to see: the appointment status, service name, appointment start time, assigned employee, details of the customer that booked the appointment, total payment, and the option to view the detailed payment summary by click on the View Detailed Pricing

Share Booking Form Option

On the Appointments page, you can find a button Share Booking form, which will help you to easily share the details of an appointment with your customer. Upon clicking on the button, a new pop-up will appear, where you can enter details of the appointment, such as service category, service, employee, location, and a date range from which your customers will be able to pick the date and time for the appointment. The only thing left to do is click on Create Link, which will generate both an iframe that you can embed to your website or a link that you can send. You can copy this link and send it to your customer any way you want, or send it directly through LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or Email.

You can also share your booking form, dependent on the Employee, by going to the Employees page in your Admin Dashboard, clicking on the "..." option next to the employee which you want to preselect in your booking form and allow your customers to book. You will see the "Share Booking form" option and by clicking on it the same modal for sharing your appointment will pop up, with the employee predefined. 

Similarly, you can also predefined the Service or Category for sharing with your customers on the services page on you Trafft Dashboard. If you click on either the "..." option next to the Category name or the Service name, you will see the "Share booking form" option with the preselected parameters for the category or service, depending on what you choose, generate the link or embed code and share this appointment with your customers.