Managing your Finances In Trafft 💰

On the Finance page, you can track all payments made in relation to the appointments booked. What we need to tell you right away is that here will be showing all payments, paid during the booking, as well as all pending payments when the booking is made with the option to pay on-site when a customer comes to the appointment. 

By default in the date picker, the current week will be selected which means that you will see the payments for the current week only. We will explain the details of each option:

  • Search - here you will be able to search for the payment by customer name or service name,
  • Date Picker - here you will be able to filter payments by some specific date range,
  • Filter - once you click on this option several filters will be shown so you can filter payments by Customer, Service, Employee, Status, and Location
  • Bulk Delete - with checkboxes next to payments you will be able to delete one, multiple, or all payments with bulk delete action. Once you check the first select box the Delete option will show above the list. 
  • Export - with the export option you can export payments for the selected date range. Export is done in a CSV file so you will be asked to choose the CSV delimiter and columns that you want to be exported.
  • Payment Details - here you can see the detailed payment calculation and current balance as a difference between total appointment price and paid amount. On the bottom of the sidebar, you will see "Edit Payment" option and when you click it, you will see two new options. In the "Payment" area you can enter the amount of payment that customer has done. This is specially made for payments done on-site so you need to manually update them to be able to keep track of the current payments and your balance. Besides this field, there is a "Status" field where you can change status from Pending to Paid once the total amount is paid by the customer. When you finish editing the payment amount click "Save" and close the sidebar.

Besides all these options on the Finance page, you can also see the status of each of your payments in the Status column. Next to the Status column, you can see the difference between Paid amount and the Balance (Total) amount for each payment and each customer. This way, you can easily track your finances and at the bottom of the page, you will see the Total amount earned for the selected date range, what is Paid from that Total amount and what is not paid yet by looking at the Pending amount.

Please note: By default, the current week is selected on the page, however, you can easily change it to the whole month and see your earnings for the month.