Managing your Finances In Trafft 💰

On the Finance page, you can manage all things related to your finances such as Invoices, Transactions, Taxes, and Coupons.  You can track all payments made in relation to the appointments booked. 

On the Transactions tab, you can see an overview of each appointment and its payment method, as well as details of the appointments, total price, whether it's paid in full or not, etc. upon clicking on any of the appointments. On the transactions list you have the following options:

  • Search - here you will be able to search for the payment by customer name, service name, or invoice number
  • Date Picker - here you will be able to filter payments by some specific date range,
  • Filter - once you click on this option several filters will be shown so you can filter payments by Customer, Service, and Employee
  • Bulk Delete - with checkboxes next to transactions you will be able to delete one, multiple, or all payments with bulk delete action. Once you check the first select box the Delete option will show above the list. 

On the sidebar, which opens when you click on a particular transaction, you will be able to see:

  • Invoice details- the date when the invoice had been issued, invoice number and the status of payment for the appointment, whether it has been paid for in full or not 
  • Appointment details- the service booked for the appointment, and at what time, as well as the "View Details" button, which will take you to the appointments page where you will be able to see more details about the appointment
  • Customer information- the name and email of the customer
  • Assigned to- here you can see the name of the employee who is providing the service for this particular appointment
  • Payment type- under this section you will be able to see the payment method for the appointment, whether it is on-site or through one of the online payment gateways
  • Total Appointment Amount- here the total price for the appointment will be shown