Company Settings 💼

If you entered all Business information during the onboarding process then you will have most of the fields populated in Company Settings once you open the settings. However, just to be sure, we will go through them once more:

  1. Business Name - here you can set up the name of your business that later can be used in the notifications and shown as a contact detail on your first mini website,
  2. Company Website - here you can add a website URL of your company that can be used in the notifications later,
  3. Company Address - enter the address of your company here that can be shown as info in the notifications for customers
  4. Phone - enter your company phone number so you can display this as well as info in the notifications sent to the customers
  5. Company Logo - if your company has a logo you can upload it here by clicking anywhere in the circle. Once you choose one of your pictures you will get options to zoom in/out and crop. You can resize the circle for cropping and then click Crop and the picture will be shown here in the settings and on your mini website as well.

Once you finish setting up your Company Settings click "Save Settings".