Sign Up 🙌

In the following article, we will go through the process of your first Sign up to Trafft and creating your first business account.

Sign Up for Trafft

To start the process click on the Start Free Trial button on the page and you will be redirected to the sign-up process, where you can set a few different basic options for your business, and according to those details, Trafft will generate some dummy data on your Trafft back-end. 

Our Onboarding Process

In order to minimize the chance of getting lost or not being able to set up everything necessary for the booking function smoothly, we have created a quick and easy onboarding flow, which you can also follow directly through your Trafft account with the help of our guide wizard. Ready?

  • Industry Selection-here you can choose, a category that best suits your industry, from salons, training, consulting, healthcare, etc., and also choose a sub-category for each of these. In case you have a business with a different category than the one offered, you can also click on Other, and enter the name of your industry. 
  • Staff- this is the step where you decide how many people are working for your business, whether it is just you or more people, which will help Trafft generate some starting data.
  • Customization-on this step, you can choose the primary color or define a custom one, which will be used as the starting visual appearance for your booking website.
  • Company Information-this step allows you to enter your Company Name and URL, which will be used for the booking website, as well, with the extension Similarly, is the URL of the website, through which you will be able to log into your admin dashboard. 
  •  Email-here enter your email or email of the admin user that will use this account
  • Your Information-lastly, you can input your First and Last Name, as well as the Password, for your Trafft admin dashboard.  Pay attention, the password needs to contain at least 8 characters, 1 uppercase letter, 1 special character, and 1 number.

All fields are mandatory so you can not sign up with an empty field. Once you fill them all click on the "Create Account" button and wait. 

Once you finish the signup process, you will see your admin dashboard and the back-end of your booking website. Here you can see a button Start Tutorials, and when you click on it, a wizard guide will pop up which can help you with setting up your account. 

Please note: according to the information you entered during the sing up and onboarding process, you will see some dummy data generated for you by Trafft, which you can easily change regarding your needs or delete if you wish to start from scratch.