Sign Up 🙌

In the following article, we will go through the process of your first Sign up to Trafft and creating your first business account.

Sign Up to Trafft

To start the process click on the Get Started button on the page and you will be redirected to enter the following details:

  • Business Login - Here you need to write the name of your business that will be used as a part of the URL right after you sign up. Think good about it as this cannot be changed later and it will differentiate your business from others since each link will have this name inside of it.
  • First Name - Here you need to write your name or name of the admin user that will use this account (if you creating it in the name of some other person)
  • Last Name - Same as the above, here you need to write your last name
  • Email - Write your email or email of the admin user that will use this account
  • Password - Here you need to set up a password. Pay attention, the password needs to contain at least 8 characters, 1 uppercase letter, 1 special character, and 1 number.

All fields are mandatory so you can not sign up with an empty field. Once you fill them all click on the "Create Account" button and wait. 

Our Onboarding Process

In order to minimize the chance of getting lost or not being able to set up everything necessary for the booking function smoothly, we have created a quick and easy onboarding flow. Ready?

Business Info

In this step, you need to enter details about your company that will be shown in the Company Settings later and also used for sending notifications and displaying info on your first website. Enter the Business Name, Address, Website, and Phone Number for your company and also select one of the industries to help us understand your business better. As you can see, only the Business Name is a mandatory field, so others can be skipped and added later in our Company Settings on the Settings page. Do not worry, everything you set here can be changed later.

Office Hours

In this step, you can set your general business hours. If your business hours are the same during the week, you can set up working periods for the first day, and then choose one of the options above "All Days" or "Business Days"

If you choose the "All Days" option the working hours added on Monday will be applied for the entire week, including Saturday and Sunday. if you choose "Business Days" the working hours from Monday will be applied for the 5 business days. If, on the other hand, you have a unique schedule for each day, you can easily disable/enable each day and set up different working periods. 

During this onboarding process you can set up only a general company working schedule, but don't worry, if you need a unique schedule for each or some of your employees you can set up that later once you access your admin dashboard. Once you finish setting up, click "Next Step" to proceed to the third step of this process.


This is the step where you create your employees. By default, Admin is set as the first default member of your staff so you can right away skip this step or create one or multiple employees. Information that we need here is the "First Name", "Last Name" and "Email" and once you enter those click "Add" and the employee will appear on the list. When you finished this step click "Next Step" once again to proceed to the last step of your onboarding process.


Here you can define your first service and assign your first employee to it to make a connection between these two so the booking form can be shown for the first time. To add a service you need to add at least the "Service name", "Duration" of 30 minutes is added by default and $0 as a "Price" because your services can also be free. Change this as you need. Once you define, these three options, don't forget to click on the "+" icon to assign employees because your booking form needs this connection to show available dates and time slots. If you are the only employee and you created yourself as an admin, just assign an admin to the service(s) and click "Finish Setup" and you will be prompt to your brand new admin dashboard for the first time.